Hi my name is Emily-Rose, creator & founder of The Equestrian Co. In 2019 it was a goal and dream of mine to create a business of my own. A place where equestrians could come for all their riding and clothing needs, a place where style meets affordability. As a serial clothing shopper myself I know the 'in's n out's' of clothing. I've seen the good and the ugly. I wanted to break the fast fashion stigma and create a boutique of fashion that has been designed and created with love from other small businesses. I wanted the clothing to be versatile and practical. Fashion that you could wear down the street or enjoy while riding, because if you're anything like me don't have time to get changed three times a day!

All the clothing & accessories that you see over time here at The Equestrian Co are handpicked by myself, worn or used by myself and I'm so proud to stock each and every brand. Everything from the social media to the very packages you receive are created and packed by myself and I love every second of it. 

Every little detail

is created with love by me!

I have been riding since the age of twelve, these are my two quarter horses!

When I'm not riding or working I'm trying to keep my indoor plants alive, reading or getting my nails done! xx

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