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Just Arrived!

The Horse Girl Co has landed in Australia! I'm so excited to bring horse girl energy to you all and work with such an amazing brand. 

Now Aussie babes, you're probably wondering why beanies in Winter? These bad boys are limited edition. Once they are sold out they won't be returning. So it's now or never. The perfect little warm up purchase for the cooler months! 

If you're not following The Horse Girl Co, make sure you jump over to insta and check out Emmie's amazing account for all your equestrian aesthetics

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Mare Goods Mindfully Bands

I feel as though every equestrian needs one of these mindfully bands. Whether you need some daily motivation or you're about to enter the show arena. 

They also add a nice little touch to your outfit. Unlike jewellery these bands don't get in the way and they are very sleek to wear. 


Founder The Equestrian Co

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As the largest and most absorbent organ in your horse's body, why not give your horses skin some 100% natural, extra special treatment. Made with absolutely no harsh chemicals or perfumes, our Original conditioning spray will leave your equine buddy soft, shiny, & smelling great! Every bottle is made with love and infused with an extra special blend of essential oils to give your horse's coat an amazingly refreshing, clean smell that you and your horse will absloutely love. Read some of the great benefits of our all-natural ingredients below:


Coconut Oil: helps to nurture and moisturize skin, while allowing you to effortlessly brush away dirt & dandruff to keep your horses coat clean and shiny!

Vegetable Glycerin: Is a naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial agent providing deep moisturizing benefits to the skin while preventing skin irritations.

Witch Hazel: Naturally tones skin and speeds up the healing process of minor scrapes. It is also a natural astringent and provides relief from damage caused by sun exposure.

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